In the morning light you can sometimes see

Just there, down the track, beyond that tree,

There rides a man on a fine grey horse,

Carefully making their way, trotting of course.


And sometimes too in that early light,

If you carefully look, you then just might,

Down by the lake in the cool soft earth,

See the paw prints of his beloved labs.


Farewell Geoff

A friend

A Gentleman

May you be at enternal peace.

With these words I say goodbye to a caring friend

So today, as Geoff's ashes make their way to the Landsborough Ridge,

And perhaps, in the shadows with a trick of light,

If you carefully look, you then just might,

See a fine man on a fine grey horse, and a Labrador at his feet.


By Christine Schepesi.

Art work by Andrew Dudley.

With this muril we see Geoff as he was showing one of his Arabian horses.

This shed is loacted at the Landborough Recreational Reserve Grounds.

Geoff assisted with the fund raising of the shed for the 2002 Tom Quilty.

One of the most successful Tom Quilty National Endurance Rides ever conducted.

A test of horse and rider over 160Kms within only 24 hours.

Contact Details

Kerry Alderton / Geoff Jolly
Kingston, SE., SA, Australia
Phone : 0422138074
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