Have been hand selected and are training as K9 units for the New South Wales Corrections Service.

The K9 training handlers are particularly impressed with the temperment and intelligence of these two Jollab Labradors.

TAO and GREG before flight from Adelaide to Sydney

These Jollab Labradors have displayed very strong hunting sense and excelled with their scent training. The K9 training handlers have provided regular training up-dates and often remark about their trainablilty and surpreme intelligence.

The up-dates included their ability to navigate all forms of stairs and perform their tasks in loud public spaces. Greg and Tao have not been intimidated when entering the corrections facilities. 

We look forward to supplying the New South Wales Corrections Service with more K9 units in the future.

Jollab Labardors will become proven K9 assets to any Agencies wishing to enhance their canine programme. 

Contact Kerry today, as Jollab puppies will be arriving soon.

Jollab Labradors are in service as seeing eye dogs, hearing assistance dogs, blood sugar detection dogs, companion dogs in nursing homes and medical centres and now highly valued K9 units for the NSW Corrections Service.




(Never trust a Fox)


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